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Beverly Ahlering Saltonstall


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Beverly Ahlering Saltonstall’s new book, Cape Coral Burrowing Owls Don’t Hoot is all about the resident winged friends of Cape Coral —the burrowing owls! Saltonstall, being an enthusiast when it comes to interesting birds, got to know these little creatures when she moved to Cape Coral, Florida, USA, in 2001. She, being a free and adventurous spirit, was out and about exploring her new hometown when she came across a barely ten-foot-tall bird with wide eyes, looking back at her and reflecting the same curiosity that she was showing.

Her book is an encyclopedic compilation based on facts, research, and observation that she gathered herself for people interested in getting to know the burrowing owls on a more personal level: their habitat, personalities, physical appearances in every stage of life, and their way of living as they go through their daily lives.

Saltonstall goes into depth about what makes these birds so unique and individual, comparing hatchlings and fully grown adults and explaining the difference and how to recognize them. Wanting to spread awareness about this particular owl species, Beverly has worked with the town organizations that are devoted to the cause as well as volunteering for other general wild life prevention organizations in Cape Coral, expressing her love for the animals living in the town long before the people started settling in communities.

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls Don't Hoot is a fun and informative book that's great for unwinding while learning about Cape Coral's past and burrowing owls. And for people who love birds, burrowing owls are kind and trustworthy creatures that often come out and pose for the cameras if they don’t sense any risk, so that’s always much entertaining to witness! The book is available online on her official website and on Amazon, so don’t miss out and grab your copy today!


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