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The God Conundrum: Reflections on a Universal Perspective

David A Carter


The God Conundrum: Reflections on a Universal Perspective

While talking about God, it seems that most people envision a watchful deity who scrutinizes our every move on Earth. Our Mysterious Lives by David A. Carter explores the enigma that is our existence and the mysteries that shroud our universe from a scientific, mathematical, and religious perspective by shedding light on the historical events that had a significant impact on the making of the life that is today.

David A. Carter argues the existence of God in his book with a rational and objective viewpoint, stating references that neither accept nor deny the existence of a higher being but simply encourage readers to open their minds to the vastness that is the power of contemplation and not only leave the happenings of this universe and our existence to the doings of nature or an outer being. Especially so when observing the cosmic context and positioning of Earth in the Milky Way galaxy and how unremarkable it seems in the void of the Universe —bigger than our imagination, but also bigger than what we can imagine.

The origin of everything —the Big Bang, has been shrouded in mysteries and surrounded by myths since the first humans started contemplating the meaning of the universe. With no scientific discoveries and no concept of religion the early humans started worshiping the Heavenly bodies and phenomena as gods and miracles. Thus, the earliest religions were polytheistic in nature, spawning numerous deities.

But as time passed, people became more civilized and awareness of such matters spread, but even so, the majority of the masses still continued to follow the dated religions from ancient times, such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, restricting themselves in their ways of life and observation.

David A. Carter’s book, Our Mysterious Lives, is a must-read for all science lovers and for those who are willing to broaden their mindset to understand the universe a little better. Available on Amazon.


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