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An Olive Branch in Her Time of Need God’s Grace is Sufficient for Me

Gladys Griffin


An Olive Branch in Her Time of Need God’s Grace is Sufficient for Me

God’s Grace is Sufficient for Me is a book that tells the journey of Gladys H. Griffin as she suffered through five illnesses at the same time during the year 2020, and it is only because God bestowed his grace on her that she made it alive and well to stand where she is today. As a mother, widow, grandmother, and retired university professor, Gladys now spends her time developing her hobby of writing into a more professional thing as she publishes her first book, God’s Grace is Sufficient for Me, and works on her second manuscript, Stepping Out in Grace.

Gladys talks about how the only reason our lives are not condemned is through God’s grace, and it is because of His blessings and His blessings alone that we can achieve true happiness in this life and the one after. The only way to be successful in life is if we follow the word of God in the Bible—both the Old and New Testaments—and live life accordingly. Gladys, in her book, discusses how merciful and beneficent God is, and even if we turn to him once in our time of need, that would be enough to invite all his blessings into our lives.

To walk the path of righteousness that God intended for us to do in order for us to live peaceful and content lives, we must take what He says to heart and be patient. For hardships —no matter how hopeless and bleak they seem—can only be endured through the strength that comes from believing in God and everything we do outside of it; all the struggles and efforts are worthless if not done in the name of God.

Of course, it can be assumed that the only reason that we are bestowed by the grace of God is because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us and that our good or bad deeds have no effect on this gift from God. Gladys discusses her viewpoints and opinions on the topic in depth in her book, God’s Grace is Sufficient for Me, now available on Amazon and the official website.


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