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From Stay at Home Mom to Published Author The Inspiring Journey

Jean Comito Gurny


From Stay-at-Home Mom to Published Author: The Inspiring Journey of Jean Comito Gurny

There have been many highs and lows in Jean Comito Gurny's life, but her love of writing has never wavered. Jean, the youngest of three girls, was up in the Bronx, New York, and was taught the importance of being trustworthy, open, spiritual, and kind. She was married when she was just 19 to her high school love, and they had two children, Christopher and Michelle. Jean, a stay-at-home parent, cherished being there for her kids at every turning point in their lives.

Jean had a lifelong interest in writing, but she had to put her ambition on wait while she dealt with other priorities. However, as her offspring matured, so did she. She finished her education and picked up the reins of her literary career. After almost 45 years of marriage, her husband died suddenly, leaving Jean to go on an unfamiliar path alone. But writing brought her comfort, and with her newfound independence she could devote herself to her calling.

As of now, Jean Comito Gurny has Book 1 of "The Adventure of Willow the Penguin" released. She thanks her husband, parents, and all the mothers and fathers who will read her book for being "angels" in her life. Her life is an uplifting tale of sticking to your goals despite setbacks and never giving up on your objectives.


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