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The Goat That Escaped and Survived A Must Read for Those Effected by Abuse

Kelly Grennan


The Goat That Escaped and Survived A Must Read for Those Effected by Abuse

People are complicated beings, which makes relationships with them also complicated. Whether it’s a romantic, platonic, or familial relationship, it is inevitable to have ups and downs —good moments and bad. Sometimes you hurt someone else, and other times you end up hurting yourself. More often than not, after communicating with each other, people end up moving on and overcoming the challenge.

There are times when words aren’t enough to mend the wounds inflicted on each other, and all you can do is try to redeem yourself. Kelly Grennan’s new book, The Goat that Escaped and Survived, tells the story of her life and how she survived abuse at the hands of her most trusted ones and came out on top of it all.

In her book, she talks about how, due to her abuse, she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety in recent years and has started to walk the path of healing and recovery. The book explains some of the relevant terms for people to understand in a much easier way what it is to be isolated, abused, lonely, and battling with many mental health issues as a reaction to certain events with significant influence in your life. How guilt and shame can be overwhelming emotions and feelings for victims of abuse, along with hopelessness and fear.

Experiencing all this herself gave Kelly an inside perspective that helped her show the reality of abusive relationships and how they have an effect on people even years later, and how healing from trauma isn’t a linear path but an uphill battle. Which can only be made easier if the abuser realizes their mistake and tries to fix what they broke.

The Goat that Escaped and Survived is a book recommended to those who have experienced any kind of abuse by their loved ones and to those affected by it indirectly who are looking to understand the situation better.


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