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The Love of Patricia and Kevin — Exiled

Rick Kauffman


Can’t Decide Between Mystery and Romance? The Reluctant Courier is the Solution!

Falling in love with the person who saved your life and having it reciprocated is not an experience many of us have had, but the same can’t be said about Patricia Anne Albertson, one of the characters in Rick Kauffman’s third and latest book, Exiled: The Life and Times of Kevin Jamison.

Patricia is the love interest of Kevin Jamison, introduced much later in the book. While running some errands on his day off, Kevin discovers her unconscious and injured. Waking up, she discovers that she has lost all memories of her life before waking up in Kevin’s cabin. She soon starts remembering things and feels touched when she realizes that Kevin has been taking care of her kids.

Being cheated on by her husband and having nowhere to go, she extends her stay at Kevin’s place —calling it home, even. With each other as their only connection to the world around them, they develop feelings for each other. As time passes, so does their relationship grow into something more; by being there and taking care of each other and being the other’s support during the hard times, Patricia and Kevin become each other's, even if their bond was created through loss and grief.

And as is the nature of human relationships, misunderstandings arise, and the seed of doubt grows into something ugly. But it is through understanding and the time they have spent together that they get through it. Patricia becomes the pillar that Kevin needs when he becomes a suspect in a murder and sexual assault case by the city police of his county, Idaho.

Kauffman writes the relation between Kevin and Patricia in such a relatable manner that the readers can't help but get attached to them and feel like getting into a relation of their own. Though Exiled is not a romance story but the elements are mixed in so well with the adventurous and mystery vibe of the book.


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