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A Book That Gives –The Real Life Adventures of Stew

Steven M Waterfield


A Book That Gives –The Real Life Adventures of Stew

Steven M. Waterfield’s The Real Life Adventures of Stew is a book that gives us a lot of things. Written in a style that makes it harder to put down once you have picked it up, Waterfield writes about his adventures for people who have experienced loss and yet still have love inside them for people, places, and the world around them.

The book starts when our protagonist, Stew, a world-weary old man, wakes up in the morning of a new day, a metaphor for a new adventure that awaits him as he gets out of bed, as tired as he is, to start his day. Stew is staying at Jackson Island Campground, Tennessee, for the time being. Busking for a living as he travels across the country in a nomadic lifestyle, music and memories are his only companions.

Stew lives a life of freedom, doing what he desires, a thing most of us only dream of with the struggles of our everyday lives, but he lives bravely and to the fullest. Many people, including readers and his fellow characters in the story, adore Stew as a character.

The Real Life Adventures of Stew, based on Steven Waterfield’s own adventures and experiences on the road, makes for a lovely read, and as readers get lost in the stories that the author tells, his style of writing is elegant, attention-grabbing, and simply enjoyable.


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