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Knowing Yourself, leads to Knowing God

Dr.Taras Chubenko


Knowing Yourself, leads to Knowing God

Rt. Rev. Dr. Taras Chubenko’s book, “Connecting to God: A Journey Over 50 Years,” explores the significance of introspection and self-discovery in the search for spiritual enlightenment. The chapter emphasizes that the first step towards discovering our divinity is knowing ourselves better, and developing a stronger connection to God by understanding our own beliefs, values, and behaviors.

The importance of introspection cannot be overstated when it comes to spiritual growth. However, many people are unaware of how their upbringing, social conditioning, and cultural conventions have shaped their worldview. Therefore, understanding our early exposure to media, culture, and social conditioning can help us identify our biases and beliefs that may be hindering our spiritual growth.

The book also highlights the importance of learning from both positive and negative life experiences to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our relationship with God. Through introspection, we can gain insights into our beliefs and connect with our inner divinity.

Learning about oneself is a crucial part of spiritual growth. By being open to self-examination and being truthful about our ideas, emotions, and worldviews, we can better known ourselves and connect with our inner divinity. To remove obstacles and become closer to God, we must first accept ourselves as we truly are.

Connecting to God" shows how important self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-acceptance are for spiritual growth. By understanding ourselves better, we can develop a deeper connection to God, and live a more fulfilling life.


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